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Updated: Feb 13

“Don’t Call Me Baby!” was written by Daphne Charrois on the AIDA Bella while it sailed through the Norwegian Fjords in November.

After reading a book that involved a cheating spouse, Daphne sat down and worked through some lyrics as voice memos in the span of about 45 minutes. She later called home to Canada and sang the lyrics to her Mom. Her mom had chills and encouraged her to release this as her first single.

While home for 2 months in Canada, Daphne worked with her father on the melody and music before joining the AIDA Blu. She went into a recording studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on February 9th and recorded her track.

This track is an international under taking, the song is mixed with instruments from around the world. The cello was played by a Ukrainian Women in Germany, the violins come from Brazil, the guitar tracks are played by her brother Evan and father Dan. Her mother, Jeannie, even played a small part by dialing and hanging up the rotary phone.

Don’t Call Me Baby was released April 1 on all streaming platforms and is available now

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