"Daphne Charrois enchanted the audience with her infectious energy and a voice brimming with clarity. Though faced with technically strenuous songs and complex scenes, Charrois executed them with a devoted, spirited personality that shone from a mile away." - Joanne Cai


Daphne is based in New York City where she attends the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Currently, she is back home in Edmonton, Canada and working on many online projects. Recently, she hosted an online Instagram live performance with over 160 viewers. She recently started working with Caissie Levy as a private vocal coach, OBC Elsa in Frozen on Broadway.


About Me

I am passionate about anything & everything within the theatre world.  I love the stage and any opportunity I have to be on or around it. Currently I am living in Manhattan and studying at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

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